Disco Tech Podcast is a weekly podcast that reviews every episode of Star Trek as it drops. 

Marcie, Rachel and Luis host, three friends who met through Star Trek fandom. 

Marcie is a digital artist who found Star Trek as a young child, but took a long detour to the Star Wars side of the science fiction world as an adult. Discovery pulled her back to the franchise and into the fandom for the first time.  

Rachel Amber Bloom’s father did not know what he was getting himself into when he first showed her a Star Trek episode. Rachel has lived all over the world and her nerdom was there every step of the way. Now she does social media for work and fun and writes in her free time and can’t wait to talk some Trek!

Luis has been Trekking from Argentina for the past 30 years. His first contact was TMP & TOS. 
He fell in love with technology and Japanese culture, and is now a video and programming geek. He's eager to share how things look like from his part of the world! 

Heather Rae is joining the crew for the Lower Decks review episodes this summer!
Where no podcast has gone before! 2020 DiscoTechPodcast